Second Life Bedroom Second Life Vanity

This antique Second Life vanity combines timeless charm with modern-day functionality. The cracked wood has a lovely yellowish-brown hue with excellent grain and texture.

11 adorable animations

Dutchie’s Second Life vanity has 11 adorable animations like brushing hair, drying hair, putting on lipstick, body lotion, makeup, moisturizing, shaving, polishing nails, and more.

It holds eight wearable items: a hairbrush, hairdryer, razor, powder brush, moisturizer, nail polish, body lotion, and lipstick. The vanity will offer these when you come to the right animation. With one animation, polishing toenails, a one prim nail varnish bottle rezzes.

The vanity was designed to complement Dutchie’s teak canopy bed.


Customer Reviews for this Second Life vanity

Beautifully crafted. I am a sucker for vanity’s and this one is so beautiful. It was a present for Christmas and my favorite I will admit. I love the animations and the craftsmanship is second to none. I am well on my way to acquiring every item made by Froukje, it has become a mission now since her builds are the best.

Stormm Firecaster

Beautiful and .. actually functional!! This has to be THE best vanity yet! i have tried others like some of the reviewers, but this is by far the best! i LOVE it! and will definitely be a returning customer! keep up the great work!!

Michalina Danick
Unassumingly elegant¬†is the only way I can describe Dutchie pieces. This latest purchase is no different. If superior quality with low land impact is what you seek, don’t hesitate. I’ve become a Dutchie fan, piece by acquired piece. No regrets!
Great Vanity Table! This was perfect for what I wanted Рand the animations are great! Thank you!
LadyKath Avon
Love it. Great smooth animations plus great mesh furniture.
Laurel Bradders