Second Life Bathroom Vintage Copper Shower

Dutchie’s vintage copper Second Life shower has a white cotton curtain and soap holder. It’s loaded with PG, Adult Sex, and Second Life BDSM animations.

 PG, adult sex, or BDSM Second Life shower

  • PG shower: 7 female, seven male solo animations, ten couple animations, one sequence
  • Adult sex shower: seven female, seven male solo animations, 60 adult couple animations, five sequences
  • Adult plus (BDSM) shower: seven female, seven male solos, and 70 couple animations, eight sequences

The Second Life sex versions are compatible with Aeros and the Physics Cock for automatic tilting.

Extra Information

Click the large shower head to turn the water on and off.

There are no balls, just right-click the shower and sit on it; ladies first. The three parts of the shower: curtain, rod, and base together, the shower itself, and the soap holder, can be unlinked. This makes it easy to adjust all animations together in height.

Video of the Second Life shower


Customer reviews of the Second Life shower

Great addition to my bathroom. Every part of this piece is such high quality, it’s hard to know where to start. The design so beautifully done both the shape and textures, it looks fantastic, the menu both romantic and playfull, with animations are so smooth that they can’t be beat. Redoing my whole bathroom with Dutchie. I love the backsplash of the water on the floor, the flowing curtain, the shiny metal, the tiny soap holder even. Great product!

Geronimo Cuttita

Brilliant! Wonderful Buy! The only shower I will ever use. Gorgeous animations, the textures are stunning as usual… Superb quality. Definitely not the only piece I have and will definitely be getting more pieces in the future. Wonderful as always.


Great fun. I used this last weekend and it’s brilliant. Highly recommended.

Susanne Ametza

Awesome. I have heaps of furniture, always good quality well constructed and l look fantastic. Customer service when I lost and item was fantastic and quick. Well worth the L$ spent.


Excellent. Dutchie has taken the dirty out of the dungeon again. The only thing I could possibly say as criticism, is that it would be nice if the whole bathroom was available in a pack.