Second Life Bathroom Vintage Massage Table

The ultimate pampering experience, Dutchie’s mesh Second Life massage table. De-stress, relax and rejuvenate on this vintage massage table from the 1940’s with chrome base and leatherette upholstering. The table comes in 4 colors of leather, long sequences, several rezzing towels and hot stones. Spa necessities are sold separately. 

PG or adult animations in the Second Life massage table

The Second Life massage table offers two sets of each 23 massage animations, one for her lying, where he is giving the massage. The second for when he is lying and she is giving the massage. 40 of the massage animations come with different rezzing modesty towels, 2 with hot stones as well. The table has 2 long sequences: massage her and massage him. The back pillow of the table goes up or down, according to the animation played. 

This adult Second Life massage table has 46 massage animations, 20 cuddle animations, 20 foreplay animations, 30 sex animations for couples and 5 sequences. This Second Life sex furniture is compatible with Aeros and the Physics Cock for automatic tilting. This menu is all about pampering your lover: 

  • Massage her, 10 massage animations

  • Pamper her, 13 more massage animations

  • Indulge her, 10 cuddles and kisses

  • Spoil her, 10 foreplay animations

  • Massage him, 10 massage animations

  • Pamper him, 13 more massage animations

  • Indulge him, 10 cuddles and kisses

  • Spoil him, 10 foreplay animations

  • Sex, 10 foreplay and sex animations

  • More sex, 10 sex animations

  • A bit more, 1o sex animations

There is also a wooden massage table available, with a slightly smaller animation menu.

Customer reviews of the Second Life massage table

Really great. This is a wonderful little massage table, I was supposed to buy the adult version, but alas lack of sleep resulted in this purchase instead. Still a great table! ♥


Recommended. Once again a brilliant product from Dutchie. One of the strong points are the sequences so you can just lie back and relax (as if 😉

Susanne Ametza

Top of the pops! Love the design and the animations.

XX Limonaxit

Wow! This animation proves you get what you pay for….in this case, it’s high quality graphics, creative scenery, and realistic (and stunning) visuals . One of the best features is that you can adjust positions in the middle of a scene (and save them) so that all parts are precisely where they should be – leaving nothing to the imagination! Great stuff!


Highest quality. Everything about this massage table is fantastic, every animation you could want and it looks simply amazing. Worth every linden.
Sweetness Whitesong

I love it. Not only does it look amazing, real quality mesh, the animations are original, varied, relaxing for the massages and hot and passionate for the rest. A must have!

 Daan Koolhoven