Second Life Bathroom Iron Bath Tub – Bain de Bateau

Dutchie’s painted iron cast Bain de Bateau has a distinct boat-like shape. I based the design on a classic 19th-century French design. The cast iron shell gives it solidity and heat retention. The hand-made enamel interior is smooth as silk. The out layer of metal is changeable into five different colors.

PG and adult versions of the Second Life iron bathtub

There are no balls, just right-click the bed and sit on it; ladies first. The PG Second Life bathtub has a very relaxing menu with ten single and 20 couple animations, like bathing, shaving, massage, reading, drinking wine and more.

The adult Second Life bathtub has ten single and 80 couple animations, four long sequences with each a different character and the smoothest, most realistic, long, high-quality animations in SL, from loving and tender to rough. This Second Life sex furniture is compatible with Aeros and the Physics Cock for automatic tilting.

Ten couple and three single animations come with a rezzer scene of candles. Items like glasses or a book are supplied by the bath when the right animation plays.

Clicking trough the menu is a breeze, with as little camera position adjustments needed as possible.


Water, colors, security, poses and facial expressions can be adjusted under the ADJUST menu.

  • Water: choose between 3 different sounds, adjust the volume or turn the sound completely off.
  • Colors: choose from 5 different colors for the cast iron shell.
  • Security: makes your furniture usable by Owner, Group or All.
  • Pose: enables discreet real-time adjustment of the poses.
  • Faces: turns facial expressions on or off.

Customer review of the Second Life iron bathtub

And excellent choice for creating your dream bathroom. I am very impressed by the appearance, really an exquisite design. And the poses are the most romantic I have yet come across available in sl.

 Michael Dereham