Second Life Houses Poldercottage in white

The Hedwigepolder is a charming Dutch farmer cottage with steep-slope roofs and stepped gables. The roof peaks slag with age. The gray tiled floors are rich with the patina accrued from generations of footsteps upon their cool surface. Faded and aging paint on old plaster walls complement the floors.

Leading to the upper floor of the Second Life cottage is an iron spiral staircase. The attic’s partially exposed skeleton consists of large ancient timbers shaded in all the right places. The timbers frame the bare painted walls.

More Information about Dutchie’s Second Life cottage

The Second Life cottage was after land the Dutch had reclaimed from the sea in 1907. They re-flooded this area for environmental and political reasons.

The Hedwigepolder cottage comes in a brown version too. The cottages are available together as well, with a discount.