Second Life Living Room Bistro Table

Perfect for an intimate dinner for a couple or a double date: Dutchie’s Second Life bistro table.

Receive your guests at a table covered with a pure white linen tablecloth and crisply folded napkins along with fine china. On the menu is tomato soup with basil, baked camembert with cranberry sauce, green beans and potatoes, and chocolates and espresso as dessert.

Features of the Second Life bistro table

The table serves 1, 2, 3 or 4 people, either a la carte or in 4 long looped sequences, with 45 different animations, 40 rezzer scenes and 6 props. You will never play the same animation as one of your guests.

Dinner for 2 ends with holding hands, dinner for 1, 3 or 4 end slightly drunk.

There are no balls, just rightclick the table and sit on it. The 1st and 3d seat have feminine, the 2nd and 4th have more masculine animations. You can change seats by going to the top of the menu and clicking Swap there.

There are 4 long slow looped sequences in the table, dinner for 1, 2, 3 or 4, so you can all night without having to click to change the animations. Click the sequence button again to speed to the next animation

The table is all mesh and the prim equivalent of 7 prims when not in use. The rezzer scenes cost an extra 30 prim at the most.

Customer reviews of the Second Life bistro table

Perfect: This little table is just as nice as Dutchie’s dining/meeting table just on a smaller more intimate scale. The animations are perfect for the set, everything looks so realistic and goes together perfectly. I had to get it for the conservatory in my new Dutchie house and it looks like it was made to be there. Thank you for another great design Froukje!

Stormm Firecaster

Very impressive. I have never seen anything like this. Sit down on this table and it takes you into a series of animations for 1 to 4 avatars, each with perfect table dressings and fantastic animations. Every detail is taken care of perfectly, the textures rich, the designs delicate and classy, the animations realistic. It really is a great way to entertain friends, feels like giving a real, intimate dinner party. A great buy!

Jan Nettle

Perfect. I needed a table to create a cafe atmosphere. What I got was an awesome role-play tool that guides you through a scene with beautiful realistic animations.

Princess Samantha K