Second Life Specials Rug Beater

Dutchie’s mesh rug beater with spanking animation not only works wonders on your Second Life furniture but also looks lovely displayed on the wall as vintage decor. The decor version is usable by your guests. 


This version is only wearable by you, is kept in your inventory, and usable anywhere. Wear it to play the animation and detach it to make it stop.

Decor version

The decor version is meant to be placed in your home. It offers a temporary attachment option for anyone, so your guests can play with it too.

Clicking on the object will make another version rez and attach it to the clicker. The temporary rug will not be added to your inventory, and disappear when you leave the sim or log out.

Copy and mod, except for the scripts and such. The shadow under the decor version of the rug can be unlinked. Land impact of 2 prims.

Please note: there is no animation for a person that could be spanked included.

More household chores items

Dutchie’s rug beater is part of a series of wearable animated Second Life household items. The series also includes: