Second Life Bedroom Modern Canopy Bed

Dutchie’s modern canopy bed is color changeable into 6 colors for the cover. The modern canopy bed comes in a PG and two Second Life sexbed versions. All have AVsitter experience enabled for auto attaching of props and all animations have Bento hand poses and animations.

3 versions of the Second Life sex bed

The PG bed has room for 2 sitters, it has 10 solo and 30 couple animations. There are 8 props for the solo animations, 1 solo and 3 couple sequences.

The Second Life sexbed version has 10 solo and 130 couple animations. There are 8 props for the solo animations, 1 solo and 13 couple sequences. It also has several shorter hidden sequences in the menu and a few multi-speed animations.

The bed has modest Bento facial expressions and these Second Life sex beds are compatible with Aeros and the Physics Cock for automatic tilting.

Femdom pegging bed

The femdom Second Life sex bed has the same 10 solo animations, but during these, the submissive is on the ground and can be leashed to a bedpost. It has another 130 couple animations, 10 of them are dedicated to anal FP for him and 20 are dedicated to Pegging.

There are 8 props for the solo animations and 6 for the couple animations. It also has several shorter hidden sequences in the menu and 9 multi-speed animations. It has modest Bento facial expressions and is Aeros compatible for automatic tilting.

This version of the Second Life sexbed gives out an adjustable strap-on that rotates automatically with the pegging animations, and a non-scripted collar for the sub to wear during the first 10 sits. The strap-on and the collar are copy, transfer and modifiable so you can not only give them to play-partners but also adjust them perfectly to your shape.


Colors, security, facial expressions and poses can be adjusted under the ADJUST menu.
(Femdom bed owners please note the ADJUST menu is only available under the sub-menus for you)

• Colors: choose between 6 colors for the bedcover.

• Security: makes your furniture usable by Owner, Group or All.

• Pose: enables discrete real-time adjustment of the poses.

• Faces: turns facial expressions on or off.

• Bentofaces: turns facial expressions on or off.

The facial expressions are only available in the adult versions of the bed.

More info

• 6 colors for the cover
• Land impact of 23 prims
• 100% original mesh
• Materials applied
• Mod and Copy

About your hands and feet

Turn all other animations like your AO and your Bento hands AO off so they don’t override any of the animations inside the bed.

To make sure your legs look their beds and the ankles don’t ‘break’ or bend unnaturally during the animations, wear an ankle lock. Most mesh body huds have one, but there is also a free ankle lock available at Dutchie.

TURN THE ANKLE LOCK ON AFTER SITTING ON THE BED. Turn it off and on again to make sure it is overriding the animations.

Aeros automatic tilting

If one of the sitters is wearing an Aeros penis, you’ll be benefited of the automatic tilt set feature. This feature will change the tilt of your cock to adjust the best possible to each animation. In order to have it working, you need to change one setting in your Aeros penis.

Touch your Aeros penis to get the menu. If the penis is hidden, show it with the HUD.
Click “Devices” on that menu, then select “Auto” mode.
Make sure that “Level” (also under the “Devices” menu) is set to at least 2.

Fully automatic attaching of props

If you have the AVsitter experience enabled on your land and in your avatar’s settings, the furniture’s props will automatically attach to your avatar, without asking permission. To enable the experience of fully automatic attaching, AVsitter experience has to be enabled in both the land settings and your own.

If the land has the AVsitter experience enabled, the furniture will ask you to allow the experience yourself, when the first prop comes up. Just click yes.

Watch this tutorial video for more info: