Second Life Houses Houseboat The Amsterdam

Have you ever been to Amsterdam? Then you have seen those cute houseboats in the canals. I pass them every day on my way to work, dreaming of how great it would be to live in one. So I made two traditional Dutch houseboats, one with a light interior, the other with a touch of the seventies.

Please note: The houseboat is not furnished.


These unfurnished houseboats are only 59 prims, perfect for a 1024 plot or a second home on your sim, but they may even fit a 512 plot if you are careful with the furniture. Mod and copy of course.

The house is copy and modify and comes in a Rez-Faux package box, so it is very easy to place.

New mesh Second Life houseboat

Dutchie’s houseboats the Amsterdam and the Jordaan where build in 2010 and are on sale before they will be retired from the Dutchie’s store. Dutchie made a new mesh Second Life houseboat, the New Amsterdam, in 2017.