Second life Outdoor Garden Set

Garden set in slightly weathered dark teak, that will only look better the longer is exposed to the weather. It’s available in 2 versions, with 2 or 4 chairs. Each chair has 11 female or 11 male animations.

The table has 4 independent rezzing scenes that you can leave out: coffee, cookies, cheese, and wine. Click the tabletop to make them appear.

The set offers 5 auto-attaching props when you come to the right animation: a book, bread, beer, wine, and a newspaper.

• table for 2: 11 female and 11 male animations, 5 props, Li of 5 prims
• table for 4: 2 x 11 female + 2 x 11 male animations, 5 props, 7 prims
• 4 independent rezzer scenes
• Bento hand poses added
• AVsitter experience enabled for true automatic attaching of props
• mod/copy/no transfer
• 100% original mesh