Second Life Decor Vintage Enamel Advertising Signs

Add a touch of vintage charm to your Second Life home or business with Dutchie’s enamel advertising signs.

Hollandischer Cacao features a classic Dutch cocoa advertisement that evokes a sense of nostalgia, depicting a woman and a girl standing in front of a counter and buying a can of cocoa. The text on this sign is in German.

Dutch Skate Cocoa features a vintage advertisement for Dutch cocoa with a playful twist of ice skating, depicting a well-to-do lady sitting at a little stand. She is wearing skates and has a sleeve in her hand. A woman in a Dutch costume pours a cup of hot chocolate for her.

The artwork on the signs comes from paper advertisement posters for Flick’s Cocoa, made by Johann Georg van Caspel in 1897. The basis for this artwork is part of the Rijksmuseum collection:–froukje-hoorenbeek/creations