Second Life Kitchen Dutch Kitchen

Dutchie’s old kitchen: all mesh, all baked shadows, 24 amazing animations and 5 colors.


The old dutch kitchen can seat 2 people and offers 24 animations. 21 of the animations can be played solo and there are 12 couple animations. Among them are working animations like doing the dishes, stirring, frying and chopping, but also relaxing animations like drinking coffee, talking, hugging and kissing. There are no balls, just sit anywhere on the table and the menu appears.

 Extra Information

6 animations come with rezzer scenes. There are a 11 wearable items inside. The kitchen will offer you these when you come to the right animation. Click on the wood part of the chimney to change to the wood into 5 different colors.

Dutchie’s kitchen is a linked mesh set. The kitchen is mod and copy. You can unlink and modify it. The white part of the chimney can be tinted or even retextured, to make it fit your home.