How to make a PBR Reflection Probe in Second Life


Reflection probes are essential for achieving realistic reflections on PBR textures in Second Life. This invisible box or sphere takes an image of its surroundings, like a room, and uses it as the basis for reflections on shiny surfaces and bouncing light effects.

By setting up reflection probes, you will see the full potential of PBR textures on your furniture, enjoying a more immersive and visually stunning experience in Second Life. And the best part: you can make these yourself and add them to your pre-PBR houses too.

How to make a reflection probe in Second Life

1 Right-click on the ground and select Create or Build. Create a prim box, go to the Features tab, and choose Reflection Probe.

2 Important are 2 things: Go to the Build Menu, to Options, and choose Select Reflection Probes.

3 Also, hit Control Alt T to see transparent objects. It will be hell to grab the reflection probe otherwise.

4 Checking the box labeled Dynamic allows the probe to update in real-time with environmental changes.

5 Then, stretch that box to fit your room like a glove, and watch as your space comes to life with mesmerizing reflections and bouncing light effects.

6 Use multiple reflection probes for larger rooms or complex environments to ensure all areas have accurate reflections.


We hope these tips help you create a more immersive and visually stunning Second Life. Have fun decorating!