Yoga mats

Unwind, clear your mind, and focus on these mesh yoga mats in soft pastel wool with white fringes, available in 3 colors, sand, pink and blue.

The mats have 3 long relaxing yoga sequences: beginner, advanced and long session, 4,5 minutes, 7,5 minutes and 12 minutes long.
There are 11 relaxing animations like meditation and stretching and 35 yoga poses:

Beginner: 4,5 minute sequence
Advanced: 7,5 minute sequence
Long session: 12 minute sequence: beginner plus advanced
Relax: 11 greet, meditate, stretch and relax animations
Poses: 35 yoga poses
(hidden are another 36 transition animations, only visible in the sequences)

Speed trough the sequences by clicking on the sequence button again.
Gives out one water bottle, when you come to the right animation.


The sequences are not perfect, because the animations are not perfect. There are places where they jump a little and the Z axis is not entirely consistent, so you end up floating a little sometimes. But the animations have been carefully positioned to follow each other as smooth as possible.

For adjusting the height of all the animations together, easiest is to stretch the yoga mat in height. I created a large invisible part underneath for that.

Rightclick the mat, choose edit, then edit linked parts, click on the mat part, vink in the box in the edit window before stretch. Drag the blue box away from or towards the mat. Then raise or lower the mat to lay on top of the shadow again.

Making it larger on the Z axis will make your avi go lower, making it smaller in height will make you go higher.

Land impact of 2 prims.
Mod and copy.


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