Wooden massage table


Dutchie’s wooden Second Life massage table has 18 massage animations, 9 cuddle animations and 45 Second Life sex animations for couples.

Because the massage animations are very hard to adjust, I have made two sets.

Her lying is for when a shorter avi is lying and a taller one is giving the massage, Him lying is when the taller avi is lying and the shorter is giving the massage.


6 of the massage animations come with a rezzing modesty towel, a 7th comes with a towel and hot stones.

If the towel is too small or too large for your avi, you can adjust it by doing the following:
Stretch it while you are laying on the table by right-clicking the towel, choose edit, choose stretch and drag one of the white cubes that appears.
Then take a copy to your inventory.
Rightclick the massage table, choose edit, go to the content tab.
Find the object in inventory with the same name as you have in your inventory, delete that.
Drag your own modified towel into the inventory.
From now on the towel that is adjusted to your size will rez.


The massage table has an animation system that doesn’t require balls, just sit on it and a menu appears. Best is when the tallest avi sits first, but you can swap easily.

The table is copy and mod.
10 prims, which can be brought down to 7 if you take the bottles and towel off.


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