Vintage double wash stands


Two single washstands that combine classic elegance with modern day comfort, with mirrors, glass holders, soapholders and towels. Each has slightly different details, like one mirror is tilted, they have different towels and one has a toothbrush.

Each washstand has 20 single animations, 10 for female, 10 for male avatars, like brush teeth, put on lipstick, mascara, brush hair, soap, shave, after shave, wash and more.

They give out temp attach 9 wearable items like a hairbrush, toothbrush, razor, aftershave, shaving cream and lipstick. The washstand will offer these when you come to the right animation.

PLEASE NOTE: The question for permission to attach these to you, is in some viewers hidden behind the menu window. Please close that if you think you feel a prop is missing.

The sound of the water can be changed in 6 different sounds and in volume, under the ADJUST menu.

The washstands are unlinked and each is perfectly usable solo. Each is the pe of only 7 prims, the whole set together 14 prims.

The mirrors, water glasses, soap holders, toothbrush and towels can be unlinked.

Mod and Copy.

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