Sub AO with crawl animation

Dutchie’s Second Life Sub AO has 5 small sets with unisex submissive and capture roleplay animations: bound animations on knees and standing up, as well as nadu, tower, and on all fours animations. It also has a unique crawling animation at 3 different speeds and a walking-bound animation.

All4s Crawl: crawl at 3 speeds, 4 stands on all fours
Bound Knees: 1 walk, 5 kneels with bound wrists
Bound Stand: 1 walk, 1 stand and 4 sits with bound wrists
Nadu Crawl: crawl at 3 speeds, 4 kneels in nadu
Tower Crawl: crawl at 3 speeds, 4 kneels in tower

There are 2 versions in this folder, one for shorter and one for taller avi’s.

PLEASE NOTE: The height of the animations can not be adjusted within this ao, but you can change it in your appearance. You can also change it by adding or taking off a high-heel foot shape. An ankle lock hud may help the angle of your feet look more natural.


Quick user guide:

Dutchie’s Sub AO is made with open-source ZHAO-II scripts. Right-click the AO in your inventory and select ‘Wear’. It will attach itself to the bottom right on your HUD by default.

Clicking the bottom button turns the ZHAO-II on (Green) or off (Gray). When off, it won’t override your animations. You also need to turn off any other AO you may be wearing.

The top button lets you customize the behavior:

– Load: Quickly switch between the configuration notecards with different sets of animations to fit your rp.
– Walks: lets you choose between 3 crawling animations: fast, medium or slow, or between 2 bound walks.
– Next Stand: cycles to the next ‘standing’ animation, or a random ‘standing’ animation, based on rand/seq setting.
– Rand/Seq: selects whether ‘standing’ animations are cycled randomly or in the order in the configuration notecard.
– Stand Time: lets you change the time between auto-cycling ‘standing’ animations. 0 turns off stand auto-cycling.

A more comprehensive user guide can be obtained by clicking on the Help button.

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