Femdom and Maledom Library club chairs


These rare french mustache club chair and dark classic library wingback chair from around 1920 are all about soft Second Life BDSM roleplay. They are about the master and mistress of the house and their male or female submissives. Their wishes, their pleasure, their entertainment, and their fun.

Both the femdom and maledom chair menu’s are made stories of virtual sex animations that made from a female point of view, virtual reality femporn.

Each chair holds 10 single, 80 couple animations and 4 sequences, to dominate, humiliate and enjoy, thoroughly.

Start off with making things clear, who is in charge and who gets to sit on the ground, on their knees.

Then make your Second Life submissive serve you in many ways, like rubbing your feet after a long day, use him or her as a footstool while you drink a glass of wine, have a cigarette while it’s is wearing the ashtray. Have your submissive dance for you or play with itself, all for your amusement.

Your sub is just lucky to be here.

All ends with some tender loving care, after all, being dominant doesn’t make you inhuman. And trust me, it will be needed.

The chairs have a no balls system, just right-click and sit on them and the menu appears. The maledom chair gives 6 wearable item when you come to the right animation, the femdom chair 10. If accepted, they will land in your objects folder.

100 % mesh
5 land impact per chair


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