Dining/meeting table for 8

Perfect for an intimate dinner as well as a business meeting: Dutchie’s dining/meeting table.


Receive your guests on antique bentwood chairs, at A table covered with pure white linen tablecloth and crisply folded napkins along with fine china. On the menu is tomato soup with basil, baked camembert with cranberry sauce, green beans, and potatoes, and chocolates and espresso as dessert.

The table serves 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 or 8 people, either a la carte or in 8 long looped sequences, with 80 different animations, 80 rezzer scenes and 8 props. You will never play the same animation as one of your guests. Dinner for 2 ends with holding hands, dinner for 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 or 8 end slightly drunk.


Or have a business meeting, negotiation, presentation or just coffee while reading a paper on the accompanying chairs. 2 different versions with each 10 female and 10 male animations ensure your guests will all look great during the occasion.


There are 3 versions of the set in this folder:

• Dining table: This has only the dining menu and the chairs are linked to the table, but have no menu. Best for clubs or restaurants. This set is linked and has the land impact of 18 prims.

• Meeting table: Each chair has meeting animations, the table has no dining menu. Best for meetings, negotiations, presentations etc. This set is linked and has the land impact of 21 prims.

• Dining/meeting table: In this version, the table has a dining menu and all the chairs have a meeting menu, for those that want it all. This set is unlinked and has the land impact of 24 prims.

Extra’s in the folder:

• There is an extra chair with 11 simple chair sits. The texture on this is baked without the shadow of the table and it may look nice in the corners of your room or for an audience perhaps.

• There are also 4 different unscripted table dressings in the folder for decorational purposes.


The set has the landimpact of either 18, 21 or 24 prims. The rezzer scenes cost an extra 58 prims at the most for the largest, the main course for 8.

100% original mesh.
Mod and copy.


In order to not make all these engines conflict, the chairs are not linked to the table. This also makes it easier to move them to fit your guests.

Before you rez a set: Right mouseclick on any object on your land, choose edit from the menu. Then, while in edit mode, drag the set our of your inventory. This way, you can move the table with the chairs together.


• Give this engine time to fully load. It is an extremely full engine.

• There are no balls, just right click the table and sit on it.

• Some seat have feminine, some have more masculine animations. The order of sitting is first female, then male, then female again, then male, etc. You can change seats by going to the top of the menu and clicking Swap there.

• When all guests are seated, have them click the table for the menu. For each of them is a button in the main menu, that gives them their own adjusted props: GIVE PROPS.

• There are 8 long slow looped sequences in the table, so you can party all night without having to click to change the animations. Click the sequence button again to speed to the next animation.


• There are 2 different chairs with each a slightly different menu, but each with 10 female and 10 male animations. Rightclick a chair and sit on it.

• There are coffeemug and paper props for some animations, these attach automatically after you accept the item. Please note: Sometimes, these permission requests land under the menu.


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