Broom, Mop, Rug beater & Feather duster

Dutchie’s domestic tools broom, mop, rug beater & feather duster, are great for Second life master and servant roleplay. There are 2 versions of the domestic tools in the folder:

1: Wear

This version is only wearable by you and usable anywhere.

Wear it to play the animation and detach to make it stop.

2: Home

Decorational version with temporary attachment option for anyone. It offers your guests the option to play with it to.

Clicking on the object will make another version rez, first it will ask permission to attach to you, then to animate you. Please grant both.

Detach the wearable object buy right clicking it, it will ask your permission to animate you again, click yes to stop playing the animation.

If hard to grab: the object will detach and the animation will stop playing when you teleport to another sim or when you log out.

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