Animation Huds


second life animations hudThis is not an ao, it’s a tool that gives you fast and easy access to all your great roleplay, dance, and other fun animations. Simply wear the animation hud, it will attach as a small button to your screen. Wait for it to load, and click away!


The huds are available in 3 male and 3 female versions: social, social+adult, and social+adult+sub. This is the female adult/sub version, with 20 dances, 10 party animations, 10 fun animations, 10 erotic solo animations, and 30 animations for submissive roleplay.


Each hud has room for 100 animation buttons, divided into 10 categories. This ensures that your favorite animations are never more than 2 clicks away. But behind several buttons are sequences of 2 to 4 animations, so there are actually a lot more animations inside the huds.

Please note: animations, like meshes and textures, have to load to your cache, so you may see your avatar pause the first time you play a new animation or sequence. This will not occur after the animations have loaded for you.


This hud has 23 wearable items to compliment the animations, like different drinks, writing and reading material, a microphone, a cigarette, snacks, cuffs, and more.

Click on the ‘Give items’ button to have these delivered to your inventory in a folder named ‘Dutchie wearables’.

This makes it possible to adjust them perfectly to your avatar or to use your own favorites instead of these. (Temp attach items would only work in locations where you can rez, so that would not be practical.)

Please note: one wearable, a collar, is not among the objects. Use your own for this animation.


But it gets even better! You can personalize these huds, by creating new categories, adding your own favorite animations, making your own sequences, and giving them names that you find easy and fitting.



1. Open the hud

First make a copy of the hud by detaching it and dragging the hud from your inventory to the ground. (This will automatically create a new copy, unless you already added no copy animations.)

Right click on the hud and choose edit from the menu. If the edit window is not extended yet, click on the bottom bar. Then go to the tab Content and wait for the content to load.

Find the notecard named Anims and double click on it to open it. (If it doesn’t open, the content has not fully loaded yet and you have to wait a bit longer.)

2. Name the submenu’s

The first 10 lines in the notecard are the names of the buttons in the main menu of the hud. These names correspond with the names of the submenu’s. For instance ‘TOMENU Social’ leads to ‘MENU Social’ and ‘TOMENU Your own’ goes to ‘MENU Your own’. You can rename to anything you like, but both names have to be the same.

3. Write down and name the animations

Below these first 10 lines are the 10 different sub menu’s. Each can hold 10 buttons for animations. The menu’s ‘Your own’ etc. are kept empty, with the exception of one example:

POSE namebutton|nameanimation

The first is the name you want to show on the menu, the second is the actual name of the animation. The last has to be the EXACT name of the animation, including capitals.

4. Make sequences

If you want to make your own sequences, the format is this:

POSE namebutton|namefirstanimation|seconds|namesecondanimation|seconds

An example is this is POSE banner|Banner Dance|59|Banner Dance-2|59

5. Add the animations

After editing, save the notecard and wait for the content to load again. Now drag the animations you want to add from your inventory to the content of your animation hud. (If this is not possible, the content has not fully loaded yet and you have to wait a bit longer.)

! Most important!

Make no more than 10 submenu’s and no more than 10 animation buttons per submenu. The restriction is on purpose, so no animation is ever more than 2 clicks away.

If you need more, copy your hud, rename it, empty it from all animations, and fill your own.

6. Pick up the edited Dutchie animation hud from the ground, wear it, wait for it to load, and click away!

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