Second life Outdoor Campfire with stones

Highly detailed mesh campfire in a ring of stones with 4 times 7 very relaxed sitting animations, a great addition to your beach or garden.

Sit on the stones for 4 x 7 relaxed sitting animations, 2 seats for female avatars, and 2 for male avatars. Among the animations are hand-warming, drinking coffee, and eating a sandwich, the fire will offer you wearables when you come to the right animations.

Auto attaching props

If you have the AVsitter experience enabled on your land and in your avatar’s settings, the props in this campfire will automatically attach to your avatar. If either of these is not enabled, they will ask permission to attach to you.

Fire, security, and poses can be adjusted under the ADJUST menu.

The campfire has a land impact of 5 prims.
Mod and copy.