Second Life Living room Biedermeier Living room Set

The Biedermeier living room set is a mesh set with beautiful custom textures and baked shadows, filled with long, smooth, realistic animations, with colorchangable fabric, with great attention to detail yet low prim.

PG sofa

The pg sofa has 18 single and 18 couple animations, 11 wearable items, 7 colors fabric

The sofa will offer you these when you come to the right animation.There are no balls, just sit anywhere on the table and the menu appears.


Each chair holds 10 realistic smooth single animations.

7 Colors

Click on the wood part of the chairs and the sofa to change to color of the fabric.

Low land impact

The whole set consists of 5 parts: sofa, 2 chairs, table and cupboard. Together, the prim equivelent is only 31 prims.

  • Sofa: pe of 11 prims 

  • Chair 1: pe of 4 

  • Chair 1: pe of 5 

  • Table: pe of 3 

  • Cupboard: pe of 8 including everything on the shelves