Second Life Bedroom Bedside Tables with Decor

The inspiration for Dutchie’s Second Life bedside tables with decor is the wooden milking stools used by farmers. There are 2 versions, one with 3 and one with 4 legs. Each is color-changeable into 12 different colors of painted wood.

The decor consists of 2 retro desk lamps or bedside lights with European electricity sockets, each directed to another side. The lamps have 6 colors and 3 light settings.

Also in the folder are a vintage Russian alarm clock, a gin or jenever bottle with glasses, and a book.

Included are 2 tables with all decor linked except for the alarm clock ( the scripts would cause problems) for easy rezzing, the tables, lamps, jenever bottle with glasses and book separately, for more decorative options.

Modern mid-century bedroom

The bedside tables are part of Dutchie’s modern mid-century bedroom. The tables, lamps, clock, bottle, and book are available separately as well.