Second Life Specials Antique Chandelier with Candles

A Dutch Baroque style 2 layered chandelier from the 17th century, with bulbous-shaped baluster and eyelet, supporting 8 curved arms with vase-shaped candle holders and disc-shaped drip pans.

The antique chandelier is known as a globe crown or ‘bolkroon’ in dutch, popular since the 16th century. You can find them in paintings, churches, castles, and the houses of the wealthy bourgeoisie.

This chandelier is inspired by a globe crown that is in the possession of the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam.

6 different kinds of metal

Dutchie’s antique chandelier is color-changeable into 6 different kinds of metal: gold, silver, copper, red copper, pewter, and iron forged. The menu for this can be set to owner, group, or all.

The candle flames and light can be turned on and off as well, by clicking on them.

Long and short chains included

There are 2 versions of the chandelier included, one with a short and one with a long chain for higher ceilings.

In short

• color-changeable into 6 different metals: gold, silver, copper, red copper, pewter, and iron forged
• Land impact of 5 prims at living room size, of about 6.6 by 6.6 meters wide
• It will go up when enlarged: 10 prims for 1 by 1 meter, and 40 prims for 2 by 2 meters
• 100% original mesh
• Mod and Copy