About Dutchie


Dutchie® is a virtual furniture and homes store, founded in 2008 by Dutch 3D designer Froukje Hoorenbeek. The former journalist from Utrecht specializes in beautiful, easy and fun interactive 3D furniture and houses, usually based on Dutch designs from the early 20th century.

Froukje makes her models with Autodesk Maya. Baked shadow and occlusion maps are combined with textures from Second Life’s texture creators and worked on in Adobe Photoshop. Froukje then brings the models and textures together in the virtual world Second Life and adds animations and scripts. The endresults, interactive furniture and houses, are for sale inside Second Life and on the Second Life Marketplace.

Animations are mostly made by Second Life’s animators, otherwise selfmade with Poser. The furniture runs with AVSitter scripts. When artwork is used in designs, it usually comes from the Rijksmuseum collection, the Wikimedia Commons collection or own pictures and work. Froukje uses the Firestorm viewer for Second Life.

Dutchie® is a registered trademark in the European Union. Second Life® is a registered trademark of Linden Research, Inc.

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